A Letter from the Tooth Fairy?

In true Fairy Door Tour style, let us bring Joy and Imagination to the hearts of the young with a Letter from the Tooth Fairy...

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Our Fairy Door Tours run Sunday afternoons, from mid May to late October. This tour visits Fairy Doors, the Fairy Mailbox and the Wishing Tree. If your child would like to leave a note or letter for the Fairy, please have them prepared in advance if possible

Treasure Bags will be provided... these little bundles contain wishing bubbles, shells, marbles, stones, string... things that may come in handy on the tour - or a small gift for a Fairy. Please note empty treasure bags must be returned at the end of the tour.

Tour Schedule:
Sunday - 130pm (selected days, see schedule)
Saturday - 11am (selected days, see schedule)

Fairy Door Lore
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Birthday Parties & Group Tours

Fairy Door Tour birthday parties are a magical way to celebrate your childs birthday. We offer a private tour to your party group (see group rates below), while you look after refreshments and cake, etc.

Where will we have cake & presents?
  • Located at the Picnic Tables near our start point
  • Party details will be available soon

If you have a small group you could book a smaller number of tickets (ie. 10 children, 4 adults) and pay regular ticket price, this option will cost less - but please note this won't be a private tour, and others will likely be attending the tour with your group.

If you would like to book a private Fairy Door Tour for your group please contact us to schedule a date and time.

Private Group Rates:
::: Up to 35 people
(includes children and adults)

::: Up to 10 people - during COVID
(includes children and adults)

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Kinsmen Park 
6th Avenue entrance (coming into City Centre West)
Meet by the 'Childs Play' plaque
Next to red 'Rene' bench (close to fenced playground)

Available public parking at Kinsmen Park

Tours for Daycares! (outdoors)

Looking to keep the kids happy and active? Bring your daycare on a private Fairy Door Tour. For our daycare tours, we allow providers to choose from 30 minute or 1.5 hour tours to help accomodate with the little one's schedules.

OUTDOOR Daycare Tours can be booked for Weekdays as well!

** INDOOR Daycare Packages are $125

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